Shopping under one ‘roof’ with The Travelling Souk

Some super Unique gifts special offers in the home accessories from The Travelling Souk, buy now and put in your present drawer for special occasions and birthdays. Here are some we recommend:

Home Accessories

Illumens Fragranced Candle by Aurialis



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£14.00(You save £4.95)

Handmade beautiful candles make fabulous gift ideas, manufactured using the highest quality waxes and a range of 10 different natural fragrance oils and perfumes really will impart a delightful fragrance to any room in your house.

Pair of White Knitted Candle by Decocube

Pair of White Knitted Candle



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£6.00(You save £3.90)

This pair white Knitted Candle will look great in any room. It has an engraved twisted cable knit design that almost looks real but in wax.

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